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vytas says... says... &p after 59 years in the aalantic coast conference... is there new change of scenery on the way for maryland? good evening, i'm jenniier's bben a deadly 24 hours on the roads innmaryland. seven people killed in two separate accidents.we begin in harford countt.....where a tragic accident overnight..... kills three young people .paul gessler reports it shook small town... whhch is still dan mccready:"at timess they flyy"downnprospect road in harford couuty,bob pruitt:"a car traveling at an extremely high speed."after 11 o'clock saturday iggt,william fffe, 21, dublin, md:"speeds were in excess of 120 miles per hour." a car arrying five young people sped north.dan mccready: "it's a ess."paul gessler:"as
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phe sound of the speedinggcarr faded, what happened next was complete chaos. the car hit a guard rail, sending it airborne, hitting not one, but two trees. as a neighbor down the valley told me off camera, it sounded like a omb went off."kelly wagner: "it's heartbreaking."this photo phows the aftermath from a an instant, three people died... two others were flown to shock trauma.williaa seen some accideets, pretty bad ones, but this one just dan mccreaddy"that's the ying. steering column, wheee you put your keys in to start the car." the ignition.williim fife, 21, dublin, md:"the car was just severed. it was severed in half. i've nnver seen anything like it."dan mccready:"it waa like something just fell out of the sky."the mazda3: was registered to tylerranderson. police believe tyler was driving.he, along with shawn ponton and alexzandria mmdowell, were pronounced dead on scene.all from harford county... all in their young 20s...kelly waaner:"this is something that's totally, totallyypreventable."the scene, near the intersectioo
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of mill green road, has become street.kelly wagner brought wn hee teenage daughter here. kellyywagner: "this s, my opinion, the best learningg tool there is out there."much of the wreckage reeains... even a shoe....spreed over hunnreds of feet.wiiliam fiie, 21, dublin, md:"it eelly hits home,,beccase too many young people are dyiig because of car accidents."william fife, 21, dublin, md:"some young kids who had their whole lives ahead offthem.""nclear at this point if alcohol or ddugs were a the investigation conttnues.kelly is pretty harford county,kelly: "it hits home." paul gessler, fox45 news at ten. the two remaining survivors... ...theresa oweesby and david clark...are each in critical conddtion at shock trauma. and in aane arundel county...... fouu people are dead...... as a resuut of this crash involving two vehicles. the victims include three adults and ooe from the scene near the intersection of marley neck and freeman ssores roadss... upside down and the other - jjst after 1:30 this afternoon.
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police don't have a causs for the accident yet. and so far, are not releasing the names of the victims. human remains found in a wooded area of baltimore county have now been still investigattng.melinda - roedee has more on the story &pffom reisterstown. reisterstown. 12:34:00 intro - "this wooded area is filled with overgrown brush, power lineesand a single pathway. it as not far from his path that search crews found the remains of an adult male this weekend." 11:55:58 "there were a lot of cop cars up there. -3 the woman who diee,,after she
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wassfound face down in the water n canton last week..... has been identified as a johnn &pdr. elizabeth o'hearn was ld - found in the water neaa booton thursday morning...she lived nearby.o'hearn was an assistant professor of neurology and neurrocience. pnderrinveetigation. still 3&police are looking for 2 men in connection with a fatal shooting that happened this afternoon in northwest baltimore. a man wassshot in the chest and ii the head near fairfax road and wolcott avenue. thh hospital. the suupects
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not have a motive for thhe shooting.. two people... injured during a early this morning are expected to survive.a 57-year-old man who lived in tte house was transported to aa hospiiaa with serious injuries... and a firefighter with minnr injurres.ii happened along malvern hill firefighters are still trying to deeermine the cause oo the the baltimore county teen whose been missing for two months hhs been found. 315-yeer-old sasha samlal (som-lawl) was found alive and well last night in maryland. sasha was last seennseptember into a car with a man that her friends didn't know. arrested friday after he as s - carrying a handgun with expired permits. dyyon walter was stopped during a routine - street and nooth highland avenue in east baltimore. 45 caliber beretta, a magazine and ammunition. "special" police officers, are like
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its bben almost 2-years since 16-year-old phylicia barnes vanished in northwest -&baltim found fllating in he susquehhnna river. since then,, &pher father has set ouu to change how maryland searches yesterdaa russsll bbanee" spoke at the eubie blake centee in downtown baltimore... in may, goverrer o'malley ssgned a bill named "phhlicia's law"...which is intended toobring more cooperation between police and volunteers as soon as a child disappears. "we have to stop it, change ouu laws and put a net around situations likk this faster" faster"phylicia's law also raised the age that police consider a child criticallyy missing from 14 to 17 years old. a new report shows most of the ddiiers gettinggtickets from tte city's peed cammras..... pon't live in the city. ciiy.the report reeeased today sayy 14-point-8 million dollars in citations duriig fiscal year 20-12 were from
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drivers who live ouuside the city.thatts 51 ercent of thee tickets issued.43-percent of tickets were issued to ity out of state residents.mayor she thinks the cameras are helping to mmke drivers slow down. a huge settlement has been reached between a major gas corporation and some towson residents...but not everyone is happy bout it.residents that live near this hess gas station on jjppa road filed a lawsuit claiming the gas station ccntaminated their homes aafee an underground the settlement.... hess is of buying 8 of he homes aan demmlishing them to make rrom for green space. but a behind the gas station says hh's nottsatisfied after he's company. "i have neverrhad no results, nobody's ever come back and ssii this has tested positive this is negative. none of that." that."the man won't be a part
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of the settlement because he was told his home was 5-feet short of being part of the &pdeal.thoss homes nearbyywill be demollshed in the spring. 5-hundred volunteers joined together in northwestt neighbor day. today volunteers helpee seniors nd adults with disabiliiies improve their homes and get ready forrwinter. "we'vee ot peoole puuting plastic up on windows of installing co and smokk detectors thhy're checking the batteries we've got peoplee poing safety skids and makkng sure that they're safe inn their home and of course we've got all ource of yard work hap" &phappening."mayor stephanie rawlings-blakk was also at today'' event sponsored by the comprehensive housing assistance. a bbautifullfall day out today... but ow will the look?chief meteorologist vytts reid joins us now with a first look attthe forecast... vytas..- big nees from college paak...
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maryland might be leaving the a-c-c for theebig ten... and nowwa ajor program contributor may e innolledd sports dirrctor brrce cunningham joins us now to tell us what stands in the wwy of the move... bruce... in the summer of 1953, the univeesity of maryland became a charter memberof the brand pew aalantic coass conferencc,, and there they''e stayedfor 59 years..but all that could be coming tt an end... the univvrsity is seriously
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considering an invitation to joon the big president dr wallace loh was of regents by phooe to meet tomorrow to consider - the move..and will reportedly vote.under armoor founder kevin plank, a powerful financial supporter of the programm is said to be qqote 100 percent behind the move.. the big 10 issalso reportedll pursuing rrtgers to make the move with the terps...if that pappens, the big 10 tv network will; add 16 million potentiil viewers, whhch isdriviig all this...the terps can also expeet shaaplyyhiiher shared revenues from the wealthy big 10.. but there is one gigantic stumbling block to a proposed move...aryland woold have to pay the acc a 50-million dollar exit fee..and thattis a very ig number to an often- cash-strapped program..we'll have more commng up in sports unlimited.. more bloodshed in the middle east as alestinians &pcontinue to fire rockets into israal ... while isrrel
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rettliates with airstrikes in gaza. president obama confident llwmakers in washingttn can get a deal done before we fall off the fiscaa cliff.who he's now asking to pray for ttem... have a good night. here you go. you, too. i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing,
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on any new volkswagen. ffr dividing up the more than ive-millionn dollars inn than donations for victims of july's theater shooting in
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aurora, colooadd. the "aurora victim relief fund" announced families of the 12 people killed and five people who suffered permanent each.six people... wwo spent at least 20- days in the hospital... will get 160- ttoosand doolarsseach.133 otherr .. will get 35-thousand dollars each. president obaaa sounding confident lawmakers in washington will reaah a ddal before we rrach the fiscal cliff. expiring tax cuts and deep spending cuts o inno effect at the enn of the reaches an agreement. peter doocy reports roomwashin. washington. ttai onastery. the fiscal - clifffwas on president obama's mind. and he told a buddhist monk that american leaders. could use his prayers obama saas: "working on this budget, need a lot of prayer"the president later saidd he's &ppoing tt take any ggod vibes republicans today indicated their party knows. concessions must be made in order to voidd
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the fiscal cliff. but. that's a two way street. and just because the g-o-p is on boord for new revenue. doesn't mean they're o-k with higher taxes to the tune of 1.6 triilion ddllars over 10 the president wantsrepublican congressman tom price said on cnn today quotee"if we take the presidenn's deal that he has brought to the table, you know how many days that--that paas for the federal government? 2533 nnt-- 8 days. 2535 not 8 months, not 8 weeks--8 days."house minority leader nancy pelosi said tooay. she will not accept deal that does not incluue a tax rate ncrease for the wealthiest americans. but. she added that there's a sense of urgency among lawmakers. that makes her think. an agreement is on the orizon.pelosi says "the elements to an agreement are thhre. time is oo the essence. the quicker we do it the more confiddnce we instiil, the better it is for the economy and for the aaerican people." doocy saas: republican senator marcc rubio that the political branch in and t'' an example of a dysffnctionaa process. in
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washington peter doocy fox news. an 88-yyar-old bbilding in dallas comes crumbling down. down with 300 pounds of dynamite and other explosives. the building was used for business between cotton brokers who needed to be near wwich as originally located next will be a parking llt for a while.....the new something therr. but have yet to say what that is. 133-135"i'm starting to get contrrllof my llfe again." again."soldiers recovering from post traumatic stress something found on aatablet or smartphone is helping them. --------nats of music, drums, chanting------- this weekend waa alllabout dancing, music, and good food. what these peoppe are celebrating. &pand why it's so importtnt.
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3 thhnksgiving is n.we start our ast week oo giving away 100 dollar visa giftcards... monday onnfox45 morning newss waaes in australia .it didn't
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cause any damage... but severe thunderstorms thatthit the region did cause floodinggand damage from high winds and hail. 3 3
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we're saying thank you tooouu viewers with ome cash.we'rr talkinggabouu the foxx 5 for your thaansgiving dinner.-
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to enter... go to our facebook on contests. us... and click - pontests.then... ... we'll give away a 100- dollar gift card on fox 45 morning news... every hour... of the show....starting at a-m. a recall to tell youuabout toniiht...the problem with killed on child. "air raid sirrns, missile launc"
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launching"the five-day-old
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hamas in the gaza strip continuus.while israel's úiron dome' interceptor system shot down two incoming ockets... homes of ásuspected hamas militantsá in the gaza strip. meenwhiie... all along the border... there are platoons of issaeli troops,,waiting for the order too"go."president obama blamed palestinian militants for starting the round of fighting... 3106-122"there's no country on earth that would tolerate missills raining down on its citizens from outside its supportive of israel's right to defend itself from missiles says he has been in touch with the leaaers of isrrel, egypt, and turkey... cairo is taking the lead role in trying to pegotiate a peace deal between hamas and israel. 220- thousand portableesleep tents for infants and small children are being voluntarily
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reealled because of a safety the recall of the peapod and peapod plus travel beds took placeein part, after a 5-month old boy was found dead last against the all of the tent. consumers are being warned to stop using the tents immediately... . a lot of people will be traaeling this week.and if you take mmdication..... it's important to make sure you're 22-46"make sure that you've got medicall anything medical-related. if you've got pressriptions, bring those with you in your carry-on. don't pack your prescrrptions one-hour flight, but it can turn into an eightthour adventure because of storms or mechanical iisues, so, or who all your prescriptioos with yoo and also f you're the kind of person who has like a &ppill container or a pill box, make sure you ring the actual container that has your pressciption information on it." it."remembering your prescription information is &pimportant whhn gging through security... eepecially when traveling iinernationally. there's an app for everythiig
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these dayy....even soldiers suffering from post traumaticc stress disorder. disorder. it alloww veterans suffering from p-t-s-d listen to recordinns offtheir wn therapy sessions.... to help them re-live and vercome their fears.therapists use the samm prooram, to monitoring theii's a technology this way. 119-125"it just maaes sense to leverage the capabilities of these devices to support tteir heelthcare needs." needs."1422155"you're getttng and that you don't have wrong -3 anything wrong, its juut you're nnt the averagg person." person." veterans affairs estimates mmre than half of new veterans are seeking treatment for war-related mental disorders. some people will try anytting to meet the perfect match. match. in some place like works.... it's all about tte i - sense of bring a gets assigned a number...and
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thenneveryone gathers arounn them.when you find the smell s you like.... yyu taae a picture with the shirt...and then you eet its owner. 3p'm an adventurous person,, sniffing." //butt to//"i mean, it has to be reall animals whatever it ii, i think,". some experts say its good to sometimes shuttoff the cognitive part of chemistry and juut get back to the basics. heritage mmnnh.and to rican &pcommemorate..... the baltimore american indian pow wow. -------of dancing, drums,, chanting------- --the festival was helddthis weekend at patterson high school ii eass baltimore. mmre than 77 trrbes participated .... erforming traditional dances. festival goers also enjjyed autheetic and jewelry. "pow wow is a time when all patives can gather together it becomes a family social event
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and its one way we cellbrrte our culture its all abouttthe celebration of native american h ponthtribes came from all over the u-s to parricipate ii the event. 3 "if i had a chance to get hit by a caa today so they could keep playingg i'dddo ittin a he" heartbeat." a devastated rob aabrose...why towson's football coach was o dejected after big win yesterday...coming up in sports unlimited... & president barack obama is not immressed.
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impresssddcheck oot the president with u-s gymnast mckayla maroney... imitating her "not impresssd" look.. madd fammus by the ollmpiaa during the games.the president met with members of the 2012 &pu.s. olympic gymmastics team on thursday... maroney won an individual silver medal and during tteeceremony, she was &pcaught with the now infamous "not impressed face"... which went viral. 3 3 thatts all for the news at ten...i'm jennifer gilberr... up next bruce unningham and morgan adsit have an update on maryland's potential mmve to theebig ten n ports coming up tonight on sportss this tte end we have the latest on their potenttaa move to he big ten... ten... &pfinal day of the nascar season...find out if jimmie johnson could ppss brad keselowski for the print cup c. championship... "if i had a chance to get hit by a car today so theyycould keep playing, i'd do it inna he" heartteat."
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a very candid rob ambrose... what led to this emotional inte. inteeview... in the n-f-l...see if the upsets... 3and ii's a canddddte for play of theeyear...see the incrediile goal scored on he starts after this...

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